Arduino Tutorials

Distance Measurement with Arduino

Distance Measurement

This beginner tutorial is about distance measurement with an ultrasonic sensor and the Arduino. With a simple circuit and some mathematics it is done quickly.

Controlling Servos with Arduino

Arduino Servo Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to control a servo with the Arduino. As a first exercise we will control the servo to fixed, pre-defoined positions. After that we will develop a program that allows to enter the desired position via the serial monitor.

Bluetooth Connection for Arduinos

Bluetooth for Arduinos

Often you want to establish a wireless connection to an Arduino. For example, you can remote control robots or transfer measurement data to a computer for further evaluation. In this tutorial I explain how you can build a wireless connection between an Arduino and another device with little effort.

Joystick with Arduino

Joystick with Arduino

Joysticks can be very handy for many applications like retro gaming, robot or robot-arm control, remote controlling cars or drones. But the best thing is: using a joystick with the Arduino is extremely easy!

Motorshield L293 Tutorial

Motorshield L293

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the motor shield L293 to control DC- and servo- motors with the Arduino. The L293 is a cheap and simple solution for applications which us several DC-motors and servos at the same time.

Arduino WIFI

WIFI for Arduinos

Communication between two Arduino (Nanos) via NRF24 WIFI modules.

Arduino IR Sensor

IR-Sensor with Arduino

In this tutorial we use a infrared sensor to recognize a black line on white ground, as is often used in robots that are supposed to follow a line.

Color Detection with Arduino

Color Detection with Arduino

Sometimes it is necessary for a robot to be able to distinguish colors. That's exactly what this is about: How can you recognize colors with an Arduino and the TCS 230?

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi Setup

This tutorial is about how to configure the Raspi so that you can develop your project easily and comfortably even without a desktop on the Raspi. To execute remote commands we will use SSH, Samba for simple file exchange.

Raspi Camera

Raspberry Pi Camera Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how amazingly easy it is to take pictures and videos with the raspi camera and a little python code.


MQTT Communication

Two examples of communication based on the MQTT protocol: a simple chat tool for text messages and an automatic exchange of (image) files.

Pixhawk w Raspi

Connecting Raspberry Pi with Pixhawk

This tutorial explains how to connect and configure a Raspberry Pi (RPi) so that it is able to communicate with a flight controller using the MAVLink protocol over a serial connection.




Wanna be able to talk to your computer? JARVIS it is a prototype for a command control by speech recognition which is based on a pre-trained artificial neural network. It is able to recognize and respond to spoken commands in real time.

Robotic Arm

Smart Gate

Smart Gate is an ideal project to get started with Arduino. It is really simple, but contains all the essential components needed for more complex projects: you have to control a servo motor to open and close the gate, to query an ultrasonic sensor and to switch a red and a green led.

Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm

The goal of the project is to build a small but fully functional gripper arm for a robot. The arm used is the EezyRobot arm, the parts can be printed with a 3D printer. The focus of the project is the programming of the Arduino microcontroller that controls the arm.



Have you ever built a RC boat yourself? I mean, like, from scratch? Not only the boat, but also the remote control system? Want to? Then you are exactly right here!


Smart Car

The Arduino Smart Car is an ideal entry-level project that can be expanded at will to actually become smarter and smarter. The parts are cheap, the programming effort for the Arduino (programmed in C++) is manageable.

Falcon Not So Heavy

Falcon Nót So Heavy

The "Falcon Not So Heavy" is an airworthy model of the Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy is a 1500 ton rocket, which uses a total of 28 engines to bring up to 64 tons in a low Earth orbit. What is really special about the Falcon Heavy, however, is that the three boosters of the rocket can be reused.

3D-printed mars rovers

3D - Pprinted Mars Rovers

3D printing offers many new possibilities in building models, for example the construction of models that have never been offered commercially. I have decided to build models of rovers that have been to Mars or will go in the future (luckily there are not that many).


(in work)

FlyRider is the fulfillment of a childhood dream: flying like a bird. FlyRider follows the idea to realize a manned drone with as little effort as possible. Which does not mean that it is easy... FlyRider will be a multicopter design capable of carrying a real person.