Building a RC Airboat from Scratch

Have you ever built a RC boat yourself? I mean, like, from scratch? Not only the boat, but also the remote control system? Want to? Then you are exactly right here!

It is an important goal of the project to use as cheap and simple components as possible. So we will not buy and use a ready-made rc system, but also build it ourselves. For this we will use simple hardware like the "Arduino Nano" and basic WIFI modules.

A cheap 9V DC motor will be used as drive, for the control of the motor I have planned a very basic and inexpensive H-bridge circuit (L289N). This saves you the money for an ESC (electronic speed controller). For rudder control we will use the inexpensive SG 90 servo.

The boat itself is built from depron which is inexpensive to obtain and above all very easy to process.

Required Parts

Required parts for the entire project:
2 x Arduino Nano (one as trasmitter, one as receiver)
2 x NRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver
2 x Joystick KY-023
1 x battery pack (4 x AA)
1 x 9V battery
1 x SG 90 Servo
1 x some depron or styrofoam for the boat
1 x 9v DC motor 
1 x L289 H-bridge
1 x DC / DC step down converter (e.g. LM2596S)