Designing the Boat

The boat is an extremely simple construction. Simply build a small catamaran with two hulls, this will automatically ensure that your boat floats stably, regardless of whether the center of gravity is exactly in the middle or not.

Simply mount the motor with the propeller directly in front of or behind the rudder. This ensures that the rudder is located directly in the air stream of the propeller and is optimally exposed to the air flow. This in turn ensures optimum action of the rudder. Make sure that the rudder is large enough so that the entire air flow is actually used. The control of the rudder is simply done with a small servo motor

Simple Airboat

The wide catamaran hull ensures an always stable position on the water.

The placement of the propeller directly in front of the rudder ensures its optimal function. The servo is installed directly in the vertical surface in front of the rudder.


This is the complete wiring diagram for the entire boat. Please note that the servo may only be supplied with 5v and is therefore powered directly from the DC7DC converter.


Video: Functional Test